MMA Tools

If you already play DFS and bet on MMA then you likely do not need to read this. This page just briefly explains what each tool is and how to use it for your benefit.

Fight by Fight Breakdown Article

This one is pretty self explanatory. The article is a full breakdown of each fight matchup for the card. The information in the article is going to be very similar to the video in most cases. However, there will be some cases where the article goes into more detail on a fight then I have time to explain on the video.

Ownership Projections

Ownership plays a huge factor in all DFS sports but especially in MMA DFS. The ownership of fighter can mean huge swings one way or the other depending on if you rostered them or faded. In some cases, we will be able to create massive leverage spots on fighters that we feel confident in if they are projected to be less popular than their opponent. Regardless, having a good idea where the field’s ownership will be on each slate is a huge advantage. I do the ownership projections myself and they will rely heavily on Vegas odds but other things will factor into it like how many times other people are talking them up and “touting” fighters.


FightPickSim is an advanced UFC DraftKings Projection, Simulation, & Optimization tool. It is fully customizable based on user inputs of each fight matchup. You can set parameters of salary restrictions, number of simulations up to 10,000 and optimal percentage of lineups as well. Based on your inputs, the tool will give you a DraftKings median projection along with an uncertainty interval level up to 90%, and will tell you how often fighters end up on the DraftKings optimal lineup if the fights play out how you predict. You can run through this and change your picks as often as you want to see multiple different combinations. This tool is only available for FightNumbers subscribers which you can try for FREE for 30 days at no cost by signing up here.

Line Movement

The line movement page is exactly what it sounds like. This will show all of the fight odds for each matchup including what props are available as well. This odds screen is for subscribers only and updates in real-time for live betting.

Player Rankings

Player rankings are specifically for MMA DFS contests on Draftkings. These will be updated non-stop right up until lock if things change for me. It will be a ranking of each fighter based on their Draftkings salary range. For example, if Jon Jones and Conor Mcgregor are both priced above 9K on Draftkings then I would rank them against each other and all the other fighters in that price range. This will give you a good picture of how I’m building my rosters and who I am most confident in.

Fantasy Points Per Minute

This is a stat that I developed to help players identify which fighters score well outside of high-variance win bonuses. This metric translates a fighters average performance in the UFC to DraftKings scoring on a per minute basis. It is available for every fighter in the UFC across all weight divisions. These stats are now provided by MMA Engine.

MMA Strategy 101

I released a video on my YouTube channel detailing what goes into my research for every UFC fight card. I also go into how to leverage Vegas odds, how to attack a high-variance sport like MMA and my exact roster constructions strategy for each slate. Check it out and let me know what you think! *note this video is a few years but some of the concepts are still relevant in today’s game.