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As the founder of FightNumbers, I’m excited to invite you into our exclusive community. With a rich history as a former Showdown Millionaire Maker winner on DraftKings, multiple six-figure scores across all sports, and a decade of experience in DFS and gambling content across various platforms, I bring a wealth of expertise and a unique game theory-based approach to the table.

My journey, rooted in athletics and military discipline, shapes the core of FightNumbers. Here, we don’t just discuss strategies; we live and breathe UFC, striving for continuous improvement and overwhelming value.

But I couldn’t do it alone and I assembled the dream team of MMA enthusiasts and some of the top ranked bettors in the industry. The graphs posted above are their third-party tracked records which are among the highest ranked on BetMMATips. 


A History of Success

These screenshots are not just some of our achievements, but a testament to the strategies and insights you will gain as part of the FightNumbers community.

All betting subscribers report that they experienced an increase in expected value from the tools, content and resources that comes with a FightNumbers subscription.

I know that you are going to love any of the FightNumbers subscription packages, but if I’m wrong and you decide to cancel within your first month, I will refund your money upon request and I will personally email you an apology for not exceeding your expectations.

It’s more than a subscription; it’s an investment in your passion for the UFC.

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