To win big money in large field GPP tournaments on DraftKings, you need to find high upside targets that give you leverage over much of the field.

When you take down a GPP, you would prefer to not split the top prize with 2,000 other people. With a limited number of lineups, the goal is to find a healthy balance between high upside targets with low ownership projections.

Every slate is different, however, and sometimes it is just as important to recognize which fighters to fade as it is which fighters to roster. In this article, I will give my favorite leverage play and my favorite fighter to fade for this week’s slate.

Julian Marquez $8,300         

Who likes rostering Julian Marquez? No one. That’s who. His only UFC win in the last three years came against Sam Alvey (LOL) and his overall game leaves a lot to be desired. Styles make fights as we know and his opponent this weekend, Zach Reese, is an absolute meme. Reese was priced at $9300 (LOL) in his most recent bout against fan favorite Cody Brundage in December of 2023, a fight which saw Reese get knocked out with a slam while Brundage was defending a triangle choke. This fight is heavily favored to end inside of 7.5 minutes and Marquez is currently sitting around (-140) to win the fight. Marquez is going to be the bigger and more physical guy in the cage on Saturday night and I have to give him a wrestling and striking advantage. Reese’s main advantage comes by way of submission grappling, but I am more than happy to fade an early Reese submission in this fight. Here’s an interesting fact about Zach Reese, he has never been outside of round one in any of his seven professional bouts. Even if the fight does get extended a bit in a large octagon, I think it is a matter of time before Marquez proves to be too much for Reese on the feet and he eventually folds up in there.

Official Prediction: Marquez KO2

Favorite GPP FADE of the Week
Carlos Prates $9,200

Carlos Prates is a dangerous striker and hits very hard, but his traditional Muay Thai style has never translated well inside of the UFC octagon. He was losing minutes on the feet in his last fight to Trevon Giles before landing a big left hand in round two that put Giles to sleep. Prates is not a guy who is going to ever look to wrestle offensively, and he is low volume on the feet. For Prates to end up on the optimal lineup on Saturday against Charles Radtke, he needs a first round knock out victory. In 12 professional fights, Radtke has been knocked out one time back in 2021, so it is not as if there is a real cause for concern in the durability department. I think Prates probably landed enough damaging strikes over the course of three rounds and largely stifles the takedown attempts coming from Radtke to win very close and underwhelming decision on Saturday, but this is definitely a fighter in the top range that I plan on staying away from this week.

Official Prediction: Prates by decision

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