One of my all-time favorite shows is the series “The Last of Us” on Max. Without offering too many #spoilers I did want to talk about the main concept of the show. One of the main characters, Joel, makes a promise to her his girlfriend that he will deliver Ellie to a camp where they can use her blood to cure the infectious disease.

Joel is also traveling to try to find his brother Tommy as he has not heard from him in weeks and is worried. But while traveling with Ellie, he realizes that Tommy is not the only family he has anymore and Ellie basically becomes family to him.

During their travel across the country, they are met with numerous challenges and difficult decisions to make. One particular decision is when they are trying to escape Kansas City. They make it through most of the city underground but near the border of the city are met by a sniper in an old abandoned house that has them pinned down.

This is a sticky situation to be in and one that you clearly need to make some uncomfortable decisions. Joel decides to leave Ellie and the two guys that are with them, and risk getting shot in the open while trying to work his way around back to the house. Fortunately, he does make it to the house without getting shot and sneaks up on the sniper and neutralizes him.

It’s not lost on me that sometimes you need to take risks even when it makes you uncomfortable or in this case, dangerous. Joel’s goal was to protect Ellie and get them out of Kansas City. To accomplish that goal meant he had to take the risk of putting himself in the open with the possibility of getting shot in order to have the chance at beating the sniper and helping them all escape.

Now fortunately for us, DFS is a relatively low-risk hobby. Nobody is shooting at us and there are not infected mutant zombies trying to take our heads off. But the concept remains the same when trying to meet our goals.

Sometimes, you need to make uncomfortable decisions in order to have the chance to meet your goal.

This is a tough PPV slate and one that not many underdogs seem live to win. But there are still a few potential leverage spots that I think we can attack – even if it doesn’t feel safe.

Grant Dawson vs Joe Solecki

No surprise here as I talked about this briefly in the DraftKings Deep Dive show. I currently have Solecki to be one of the lowest owned fighters on the slate. And we know that Dawson has been known to lay an egg, even as a big favorite in the past. Solecki is a slick grappler and it would not be super surprising if he caught Dawson with something. Combine that with the low ownership and it is an easy target for me to get over the field across multiple lineups.

Andre Lima vs Mitch Raposo

Similar to Solecki, I have Raposo as one of the lowest owned fighters on the slate. And I don’t really think Raposo is that talented but I do think he is just as live to win as some of the other underdogs this week but is coming with much less ownership. He has some power on the feet and comes from a high school state champion wrestling background in Fall River, MA. Lima has been known to show weaknesses across multiple fights and one of them being that he can be taken down. It’s not going to feel comfortable but I plan to be leveraged on the Raposo side this weekend.

Alex Morono vs Niko Price

This is one of my favorite fights to target this week. Both guys have clear durability issues and can be knocked out. But also, Morono is not projecting to get much love despite the solid metrics and cupcake matchup. Other sites also have Price as one of the more popular underdogs (I’d be surprised) and if that’s the case then there is a small chance he even comes in more owned than Morono. I plan to be overweight to this fight as a whole but specifically on the Morono side as the pivot play in his price range.

Not many people are willing to do what Joel did and risk their life to protect the people he cared about. Your life is certainly not on the line this weekend but you can still make the uncomfortable decisions that the field is not willing to do in order to meet your end goal.

Best of luck and I’ll see you in the streets.