Like many of you, I was not expecting to wake up this morning and see Scottie Scheffler being dragged away in handcuffs.

I am not interested in debating who was in the wrong as I’m sure both sides wish they handled things differently to avoid this entire situation. But I can promise you that Scottie Scheffler was not expecting to be doing his morning stretches in a jail cell during a major championship.

The fact of the matter is that sometimes life is unpredictable. Unexpected and sometimes even bizarre things happen. Things that NOBODY expects like what we witnessed this morning.

Now wouldn’t you want to put yourself in a position to benefit greatly when the unexpected curveball comes your way?

In many aspects of life, it pays to be prepared for the unexpected. But in DFS it pays even more so because the reward can be exponential. There are multiple spots on this slate that present leverage opportunities because the field is not expecting the unexpected outcome(s).

Oumar Sy vs Tuco Tokkos

You guys likely knew I was going here and for good reason. Sy is the most expensive fighter on the slate and going to be pretty popular as well as I currently have him projected at 33%. Now I expect Sy to land multiple takedowns and get his hand raised, maybe even get the finish in this fight. But remember, that’s what everyone is expecting and we want to put ourselves in a position to benefit when the unexpected happens. Additionally, we have seen Sy get sloppy in grappling exchanges multiple times and his striking leaves more to be desired too. At the end of the day, these are both big powerful guys and Tokkos pulling off the big upset would not be as wild as people expect.

Piera Rodriguez vs Ariane Carnelossi

I want to make it a point to be well over the field on this fight. I currently have 25% projected ownership for Rodriguez and 16% for Carnelossi. But Carnelossi has a fighting style that I want to attack every time she is in the octagon. When she wins, she pops up for a big score and will be a lock for the optimal at her price if that happens here. But on the flip side, when she loses, she typically gets dominated and her opponent puts up a big score. With combined ownership here less than 50% it seems like the field is not expecting this fight to score great which I disagree with.

Melissa Gatto vs Tamires Vidal

With how expensive Gatto is and where she is priced sandwiched between two of the most popular fighters, she simply will not be popular this week. But I think she has some of the best grappling equity on the entire slate as her opponent has virtually nothing on the mat. We have seen time and time again, the ‘pivot play’ up top end up paying off in a big way and Gatto has the potential to repeat that if she can outscore Nolan/Yanez which the field is not expecting.

This is a tougher slate as not many underdogs feel live this week. But just remember, the field is not going to prepare for the unexpected. If we position ourselves correctly, we can thrive in the chaos.

Best of luck and I’ll see you in the streets!