As lines continue to get sharper and sharper it is important to not neglect the live betting angle for MMA. Luckily for us with the proper research we can plan ahead of spots that we are looking to attack from a live betting angle. Utilizing the Fight Numbers live odds screen will give us an upper hand on the betting community. There is not a ton I like pre fight on this upcoming UFC St. Louis card but there are a couple live betting spots I have my eye on. Some obvious, some not as much.

Let’s get the first and most obvious one out of the way with Esteban Ribovics. This one is self explanatory, he is fighting Terrance McKinney who folds to adversity and has shown to only have about six minutes of cardio. However, he is generally able to get his game going early. My prediction for the fight is R3 KO for Ribovics, however I will be betting him after round one if he loses it.

The next spot is one that I wont be getting over invested in, but one I am looking at is JJ Aldrich over Veronica Hardy. The reason I say that is I think the foot work and bouncing in and out of style of Hardy could give JJ problems early, however she tends to slow down a little. It’s difficult to maintain that style in women’s MMA. She has slowed down in all of her previous fights, however she was able to exploit the takedown defense of Miller in her UFC return. JJ is very technically sound, but she does not have an imposing game. This is the kind of fight where I think Hardy wins round one, and Aldrich wins round three, but not sure how round two will go. Being that JJ is already the underdog, if she loses round 1 she could swell out to +250/+300 after round one, and at that point I would have some interest.

I will include this next one out of obligation but it is Waldo Cortes-Acota over Robelis Despaigne. This one feels mandatory as Robelis has never fought out of round one, and Acosta is a slow starter but actually has really good cardio and output for HW standards. Now most are expecting Robelis to roll through Waldo, but if that is not the case, I will be trying to jump on Waldo live.

The last one I will include in this article is in the fight of Diego Ferriera vs Mateuz Rebecki. Now everyone is expecting Rebecki to steam roll CDF, but I am not entirely sure. I do want to wait for a live entry most likely on CDF, because I do think Rebecki can have a lot of early wrestling success, however CDF built his career on weaponizing his cardio and being elite at scrambling. Now I know he is getting up there in age, but if he is anything like his old self he could cause Rebecki a lot of issues as the fight wears on. He will be someone I will have my eye on for sure.

Good luck to everyone, and I will see you Thursday night on the betting show!

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