Each week, I will look at the overall winning lineup for the main tournament on DraftKings. I will list key takeaways and any notable information that we can use going forward.

This lineup used $49,800 in salary and was duplicated four times. This isn’t the first time we reviewed CoachS111’s lineup and this time he took home a cool $41,250.

The first thing that jumped out to me with this team is the obvious leverage of Chris Padilla as one of the lowest owned fighters on the slate. James Llontop was mispriced because of the short notice replacement and I talked about this situation in my GPP leverage column this week about Padilla being an obvious leverage target that most people will ignore. It is rare that these type of plays pay off but the times when they do, you are clearly separating yourself from the rest of the field.

Additionally, CoachS111 decided to differentiate up top by playing both Victor Henry and Ivana Petrovic rather than the very popular Jhonata Diniz. Henry and Petrovic were both projected to be under 30% and less popular than some of the other spend up options like Diniz and Ryan Spann.

Aside from that, he filled in the rest with some popular underdog targets that were among the top of my DraftKings rankings in Bogdan Guskov and David Onama.

To be honest, I was surprised to see this lineup duped even a few times. The overall roster construction style was unique with jamming two pivot plays up top and then having the massive leverage with Padilla. It also faded the main event which was a combined 60+% owned.

Key Takeaways:

Unique style of construction – two pivot plays up top and avoiding the popular choice
Faded the main event
Massive leverage against the highest owned fighter on the slate
Ate the chalk with some high upside underdogs

Big congrats to CoachS111 and best of luck to everyone next week!

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