“If you’re not failing, you’re not pushing your limits, and if you’re not pushing your limits, you’re not maximizing your potential.” – Ray Dalio

Growing up, I was big into sports, much like I am today. I was captain of my high school basketball team and later went on to play two years at the college level. But to be honest, i vastly underperformed my capability at the high school level. Not because I wasn’t good enough but because I was always worried that I would fail.

I distinctly remember multiple times where I was more concerned with what was going on in the student section and the stands than focusing on my matchup. By being so concerned about failing and letting everyone down, I wasn’t able to reach my full potential.

It wasn’t until I graduated high school and matured enough to not care about whether or not I performed well but rather knowing that I gave it my all, regardless of what happened. The funny thing is that when you start caring less about how well you perform, you usually perform better anyway. That’s what happened with me in college as I was later named first team all-conference and second-team all state (EPCC).

We can’t be afraid to fail. Not in sports, not in life or in DFS. In fact, you should expect to fail often when playing DFS. After all, the money is up top and you are likely going to lose the majority of times you play. But if you play like you are afraid to fail then you likely will never reach your full potential either.

There are multiple spots on this weekend’s slate that we can potentially attack to get leverage versus the field. Now, they will likely fail more often than not but the times they do hit, it will pay off big which is what we are looking for.

Melissa Mullins vs Nora Cornolle

I definitely favor the Mullins side and think she is a great pivot option in the expensive price range. But I also think the Cornolle side is in play as well and this fight is likely underowned by the field relative to the range of outcomes. Obviously, if Mullins wins a decision and does not score well then your teams are dead that have this fight. But I also think Cornolle has early finish potential on the feet and Mullins has a massive grappling edge that she could find a ceiling with.

Christos Giagos

I really like Ignacio Bahamondes in this matchup and think more than likely he finishes the fight in round two or three. But I still understand the win condition of Giagos is almost always a first-round finish. And we seen Bahamondes get hurt by much less powerful strikers than Giagos so it is not that crazy of a thesis. I also expect Giagos to be among the lowest owned fighters on the slate with more popular underdogs priced around him.

Lukasz Brzeski

Brzeski is not a very good fighter and likely loses this fight and even gets finished at a decent clip. But he has proven he can fight for 15 minutes at the UFC level which we have yet to see from Valter Walker. Brzeski also keeps a high pace on the feet for Heavyweight and could even have a cardio edge over Walker if the fight gets extended. Lastly, he will be one of the lowest owned fighters on the slate and gives you added leverage against the popular Walker side.

More times than not, all three of these potential leverage angles will fail. But that doesn’t mean we should be afraid to attack them because they still provide the opportunity for exponential upside when they pay off.

Best of luck this week and I’ll see you in the streets.