When searching for high upside targets in the low salary range on Draftkings, it is important to remember that we must operate on an IF/THEN basis. IF (Fighter A) wins THEN I expect him to score well. To take down a large-field GPP, you need to be unique and score a ton of points. In this column, I will be focusing on fighters who will be saving you salary, are projected to be lower owned in our ownership projections, and most importantly have high upside in a victory.

Andre Petroski $7,200         

Petroski got absolutely starched in his most recent fight against Michel Pereira where he scored a grand total of zero points and he’s never been the most trustworthy guy on the UFC roster. His fight on Saturday against Jacob Malkoun is certainly a grappler vs grappler matchup and the market seems to think that Malkoun will be the guy winning that type of fight from top position.

Malkoun certainly has a unique skill set in that he is able to wrestle hard for 15 minutes and that is potentially problematic for a guy like Petroski who historically tends to become quite fatigued as the fight wears on. Petroski, though, is the guy here with a collegiate wrestling background, a marginal size advantage, and dangerous submissions.

Petroski has won 5 of his 6 UFC fights and has averaged 99 points scored in those fights. He is certainly capable of winning this fight and a round 1 submission similar to his fight against Nick Maximov is definitely possible as well.

Chris Weidman $6,900

Pepe Silvia has a bet on this fight… See what the pick is.

Ugh.  Weidman is absolutely shot and the thought of rostering him here against Bruno Silva is not a pleasant one. The case for Chris Weidman is that his path to victory is through grappling. Bruno Silva does have a 73% takedown defense, but I believe that number to be a bit misleading.

In their primes, Weidman wipes the floor with Bruno and I don’t think that is a hot take. Weidman was once considered the best fighter in the promotion coming off the heels of back-to-back wins against Anderson Silva, but that seems like an eternity ago. The guy has had countless orthopedic operations and generally just looks like a shell of his former self. Weidman’s only win in his last six outings was a close(ish) decision against Omari Akhmedov back in 2020.

Bruno Silva is a hard-hitting striker with a fugazi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and probably only needs to connect flush one time on Saturday to win this fight. However, he is highly flawed as a fighter and is just as capable of showing up looking completely washed on Saturday. I remember having a bet on Silva against Gerald Meerschaert as a sizeable favorite in 2022 and being disgusted at the version of Silva that showed up that night. He lost essentially every minute of the fight against a guy who hardly wins any minutes before getting dropped and submitted in round three. He looked slow, disinterested, and couldn’t stop a takedown to save his life.

If Weidman is able to turn back the clock a bit fighting in his backyard, and Bruno looks anything like he did that night against GM3, Weidman could land several takedowns and possibly even find a submission from top position resulting in a great score on Draftkings.

Sedrique Dumas $7,000

What even is Nursulton Ruziboev? I did a deep dive on this guy in advance of his UFC debut against Bruno Ferreira and I was definitely not impressed, very bewildered, and highly skeptical. This guy from Uzbekistan has a record of 33-8-2 at just 30 years of age and in my opinion, absolutely stinks at fighting, His pre-UFC record is a bit questionable to say the least with respect to his level of competition and his tape is not impressive.

For a guy who has something like 20 wins by submission, his grappling does not look very good in the aggregate. He is taken down a lot on the regionals and often gives up dominant position before working back to guard and finding an armbar or sweep to a kimura. This type of stuff simply does not fly very often in the UFC. In his debut, he won via quick knockout over Ferreira, but again, what was that? Bruno throws a telegraphed leg kick, it gets caught, Ruziboev throws a straight right, Ferreira goes down and is seemingly unconscious from the fall…

This fight is lined -145 to go UNDER 1.5 rounds on Saturday, which makes it a great fight to target. Sedrique Dumas is not the most likeable character, nor the most skilled fighter, but he is 2-1 in the UFC and has a solid frame for the MW division.  He has a decent striking skill set and considering how poorly I rate Ruziboev’s wrestling game, I think there is a decent chance that this plays out at a kickboxing range. There are obviously a lot of question marks surrounding this fight, but when looking for low priced, low owned fighters with a chance of winning, I think you could do a lot worse than Dumas this week.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. – Frank Reynolds