Back when I worked in the Security Forces Squadron, me and one of my good friends used to joke around a lot. Our supervision were the typical hardass cop types and we were both young in our careers always trying not to get in trouble.

One particular weekend, we had some sort of exercise on a Saturday and we had to take roll call at 0700 and the bosses all stressed how much trouble you would be in if you missed it. Naturally, I showed up early just to be safe and at 0655 I texted my buddy who had not arrived yet.

 “Hey bro, they just asked where you were. I’m trying to cover for you but Sgt is pissed because you’re the only one not here.” In reality, only half the squadron was there yet and roll call had yet to start, I was just being a dick.

When my buddy showed up at 0705, he looked distraught. I asked him whatsup and he explained to me that when he got my text, he started speeding on base and got pulled over LOL. It’s funny now but at the time, I felt bad because I didn’t even consider that being a possibility.

Fortunately, because we worked with the cops on base, they didn’t give him a ticket but it was a learning experience for me. Thoughts and actions have consequences. Not just in this innocent scenario but in just about every aspect of life – including DFS.

Being able to identify those consequences beforehand will help you make better decisions when building your teams.

Charalampos Grigoriou vs Chad Anheliger

I talked about it on every piece of content I did this week but I really like the leverage that Grigoriou provides on this slate. Because of the line movement in favor of Anheliger, there is a chance that Anheliger actually ends up higher owned which is crazy to me. By targeting Grigoriou, we can eliminate nearly 20% of the field if he knocks out Anheliger along with giving ourselves leverage versus the field because of his own low ownership.

Macy Chiasson vs Pannie Kianzad

I originally did not expect to have much interest in Chiasson this week. But after thinking about the slate more and talking things over with Brett Applely on the ETR show this week, it makes sense to target Chiasson as a pivot in the expensive range. She is going to be one of the lowest owned fighters on the slate and has clear wrestling upside along with the potential to finish as well. It’s not pretty, but these are spots where you might just have to plug your nose and click.

Thiago Moises vs Mitch Ramirez

I do not expect the field to target this fight as much as they should, on both sides really. Moises will get some ownership but likely not enough which has me interested in getting over the field on him. But more importantly from a leverage standpoint, I plan to get overweight to Ramirez who is going to be extremely low owned. I expect the field to ignore him entirely and while I don’t expect him to win, if he does pull the upset then he is going to be optimal with an early knockout. It also won’t take much to get double the field if you’re playing multiple lineups.

As always, we should look at the slate as a whole and figure out ways that can potentially separate us from the majority of the competition. By targeting these leverage spots, the consequences can end up paying off in a huge way considering the leverage they present. Best of luck and I’ll see you in the streets.