With more sites popping up seemingly every year, it is important to know how each of them operate and whether or not they are safe and legit to play on. In the next few minutes, we’ll discuss the structure of Underdog Fantasy and the games they offer along with whether or not you can feel safe risking your money on the platform.

What is Underdog Fantasy?

Underdog Fantasy is a daily fantasy sports platform that offers a variety of games including the industry’s largest best ball tournaments each season. Aside from the massive best ball prize pools, they also offer daily contests and an exciting pick’em format that rivals PrizePicks. They offer the following categories of games across all major sports:

  • Best Ball Tournaments
  • Daily contests
  • Weekly contests
  • Pick’em format

You can check out the rules and scoring format for each contests here.

The company was founded by Jeremy Levine back in 2020 and has notable investors such as Adam Schefter, Kevin Durant, Mark Cuban and Blackrock. Because the company is backed well financially and many notable celebrities and investment firms are involved, it gives you more trust that they are not going to run away with your money or refuse to pay you your winnings.

Is Underdog Fantasy Legit?

The biggest concern most people have when signing up for a new platform is whether or not they will get paid out when they win. This is a valid concern because it is hard enough to win at these games and you should not have to worry about getting your money out when you do. I have been fortunate to find success on the platform and can confirm they pay out within a few days each time I withdrew and had no issues. A couple years ago, I even won $100,000 and they wired me the money within a week after the contest ended.

But it is not just the best ball tournaments that are paid out efficiently but the pick’em format does as well. Early on, the prop lines were inefficient and took a while to adjust the lines which made it a very profitable format to play on. They always paid out successfully each time as well.

In today’s games, it is more difficult to consistently win on their pick’em format because their lines have become sharper over time. But there are still ways to identify value and I do a FREE weekly article identifying the best Underdog Fantasy Picks for UFC for each fight card.

Is Underdog Fantasy Legal In My State?

Underdog Fantasy is available in most US states but because of the different formats of contests that they offer, the rules apply differently based on each contest and state. For the full list of states that do not offer Underdog Fantasy contests, check out the list they posted and regularly update as they launch in new states.

Lastly, if you are new to Underdog Fantasy, you can sign up using this link and get a 100% deposit match up to $100 (You deposit $25 and get $25 free credit, you deposit $100 and get $100 free credit).

If you have any specific questions about strategy and format of these games, just hit me up on Twitter!