Each week, I will look at the overall winning lineup for the main tournament on DraftKings. I will list key takeaways and any notable information that we can use going forward.

This lineup used $49,800 in salary and was duplicated 21 times. Typically, on slates where a heavily duped lineup is the winner, I am not going to do well due to my leverage-focused playing style. It doesn’t mean these are ‘bad’ teams, but they do present less expected value because in the event they win like this week, they are only taking home less than 9% of the first place prize.

There are not many big takeaways from this build as it was a very popular lineup construction. Eating the chalk with Naimov, Chairez and Torres as three of the five highest owned fighters on the slate. These were some of the top ranked fighters in my DraftKings rankings this week and were pretty obvious targets as their fights projected to score well. Additionally, they targeted both the popular co-main and main event fighters due to the high floor and potential for five rounds. They did take the underdog in both of those matchups which gave them a little leverage to the field.

Ronaldo Rodriguez was a pivot play in the mid-range although he did creep up in ownership more than I expected. Overall, it was a high projected build with no major leverage points. It also helps when nearly half the field takes a 0 with a post-lock scratch (Rosas/Turcios).

Key Takeaways:

  • Eat the chalk (Naimov, Chairez, Torres)
  • Target both underdogs in the five rounders (Ortega, Royval)
  • Pivot in the mid range (Rodriguez)
  • Avoid the post lock scratch goose egg (Rosas Jr./Turcios)

Congrats to CoachS111 and everyone else that chopped this week!

Best of luck next week and I’ll see you in the streets.