Each week, I will look at the overall winning lineup for the main tournament on DraftKings. I will list key takeaways and any notable information that we can use going forward.

This lineup used $49,300 in salary and was not duplicated so ‘ekleid’ took first place by himself and brought home $100,000. I feel like we have not had this a solo winner in a few slates so excited to dig into this one.

For starters, we talk about how valuable it is every week to have the one fighter that breaks the slate. This week, that fighter was Hyder Amil who put up 131.80. But he was also just 21% owned which in terms of getting leverage over the field, it certainly helps that he was not chalky.

In hindsight, Amil should have been more of a priority as he always turns fights into a brawl and that usually leads to high paced fights that have an opportunity to score well. Combine that with the fact that we knew he was not going to be owned as my ownership projections had him at 20% and we knew his opponent Garcia was a bum.

Next thing that jumps out to me is that he took Michael Johnson in the mid-range who was another pivot play as nobody was excited to play Johnson this week, myself included. Johnson was also slightly less owned than Flowers who was a popular underdog target so you got some added leverage by using Johnson.

The rest of the lineup is pretty straight forward as he ate the chalk with some of the top plays in my Draftkings fighters rankings like Greg Rodrigues, Rodolfo Vieira and Bogdan Guskov. He also targeted the lower-owned side of the main event with Jack Hermansson which was a strategy I talked about in the GPP Leverage article this week. Plays can still be somewhat popular and still provide leverage against the field and Hermansson was an example of that this week.

Lastly, he left salary on the table. This one is huge for large-field GPPs in UFC. Leaving a few hundred to $1500 of salary on the table is one of the best ways to avoid duping with a hundred other people. Many times, it can make your lineup completely unique like ekleid did this week with $700 salary remaining. I would strongly recommend messing around with the salary settings in FightPickSim so you can see the differences in how the slate plays out based on the salary adjustments.

Key takeaways:

Slate breaking score from a non-chalky fighter (Hyder Amil)
Leverage pivot in the mid-range (Michael Johnson)
More leverage in the main event (Jack Hermansson)
Ate the chalk at other spots (Rodrigues, Vieira, Guskov)
Left salary on the table

Huge congrats to Ekleid on the big score and taking first place without chopping!

Best of luck next week and I’ll see you in the streets.