Have you ever driven home from somewhere only to ‘snap out of it’ pulling in your parking spot and wonder how you got home? And no, I’m not referring to drinking and driving… Statistically speaking, your answer is yes. Many people go through the motions while doing monotonous tasks like driving, especially if you are a common day dreamer.

While you were mindlessly following the car in front of you, you failed to see that the car behind you changed lanes twice without using a blinker and that the middle-aged woman to your right is texting and driving. The guy in front of you is ripping a vape and the woman to their right is fixing her makeup. You notice a lot when you are one of the few people actually paying attention.

Not only will paying attention keep you sharp and on your toes along with safely driving in the example above, but there are many situations in life where paying attention will benefit you tremendously.

There are multiple situations on this slate where I expect a large majority of the public to mindlessly follow the crowd with certain fighters but by paying attention we can identify leverage points and use them to our advantage.

Malcolm Gordon vs Jimmy Flick

No surprise here as I spent a good 10+ minutes on the DraftKings Deep Dive Show discussing why fading Malcolm Gordon is possibly the biggest edge on this slate. I expect Gordon to be very popular this week and much of the public will follow the leader on this due to the line movement in his favor and likely their favorite touts talking about how bad Flick is. But if we are paying attention, we can see that Gordon is just as untrustworthy as Flick, if not more. Flick is clearly the better submission grappler to me and should have multiple opportunities to threaten against the sloppy grappler in Gordon. And we are getting an ownership discount due to the Gordon chalk? Oh baby…

Yohan Lainesse vs Sam Patterson

Yohan Lainesse can certainly win by knockout early as he has big power and Patterson may not have much of a chin. But I expect that to be how most people treat this fight with overconfidence in Lainesse abilitly to win by knockout. If that’s the case, then give me Patterson who the field does not trust or want to play coming off the brutal knockout. But for those that pay attention, we know that Lainesse has serious cardio concerns and is a poor round winner historically. Patterson could weaponize his cardio and potentially threaten with his strong submission game as well.

Movsar Evloev vs Arnold Allen

Movsar Evloev is a great prospect and I picked him to win this week. But we know that DFS is not just about trying to #PickWinners. Evloev should be one of the highest owned fighters on the slate and for good reason considering his ceiling. However, Arnold Allen is arguably his toughest test to date and we have seen Evloev vulnerable multiple times (wobbled against Dawodu & nearly submitted against Diego Lopes). I doubt Allen wins this fight that often but if he is able to pull off the big upset, he is going to do it at low ownership while half the field will be dead playing Evloev in that scenario.

Next time you’re driving, you may notice these things more now. It’s good to see examples of what we do not want to do ourselves. But we can only see this by paying attention.

Good luck this week and I’ll see you in the streets.