Each week, I will look at the overall winning lineup for the main tournament on DraftKings. I will list key takeaways and any notable information that we can use going forward.

This lineup used $49,700 in salary and was duplicated five times. Honestly, I was surprised it was not duplicated more with how chalky it was.

Right off the bat, the first takeaway was that you needed Joshua Van. It goes without saying and happens nearly every slate but if a fighter pops off and smashes then you need to have them to even have a chance to hit the winning lineup in large field tournaments. For some reason, it always feels like the first fight of the night is the one that does this…

Nailing the mid-range fighters this week was crucial. We all expected the mid-range to score well this week but hitting on Brunno Ferreira, Jim Miller and Preston Parsons was a must, especially with how owned they all were in that range. It also helps when you nail one of the few underdogs that win by first-round knockout. I was personally much heavier on Tom Nolan so that one hurt but I talked about the potential upside of Nikolas Motta in GPP Leverage for UFC Vegas 84.

Being able to recognize a fighter’s win condition, even if you don’t expect them to win, is huge in this game.

The biggest takeaway this week to me was that the main event was not optimal. I expected this to be the case and talked about using that strategy in all of my content this week. What added to my confidence in that was when I used FightPickSim it was showing that many iterations of Magomed Ankalaev winning the fight were not producing an optimal DraftKings score. Even with a second-round finish, Ankalaev failed to compete for the optimal. Because the main event is always a popular fight to target, fading it gave you huge leverage and likely played a big part in how the winning team was not duplicated more.

Good luck next week and I’ll see you in the streets.