I’m going to start off this week’s leverage article with a disclaimer. I do not condone violence or fighting except for few circumstances as most issues can be resolved in a smarter and safer manner. Now that we got that out of the way, let me take you back to early 2012.

Back in college, I was a big partier as most of us were. Now a days, I hardly drink or really leave my house at all. But these were different times back then.

Me and a few buddies were heading out to a local college (that we didn’t attend) to go to a house party. One of my friends was meeting up with some girl that he was talking to at the time and she told us where to meet up.

Shortly after arriving, she is acting a little distraught and tells us that some guy shoved her to the ground before we got there. Keep in mind, everyone has been drinking heavily and the beer muscles and testosterone is flowing heavily in this lacrosse party house.

Now, I don’t even know this girl at all. But I do know that you should never in any way put hands on a woman in a violent manner. Fast forward to a bit later and the dude who shoved her earlier is walking past us with a group of friends and gives us one of the tough guy shoulders as he breezes past.

She confirms that was the kid and his group had walked out the door and onto the sidewalk out front. Without even thinking I went after them. There was a group of people on the porch blocking the steps, so I went on the side and hurdled the porch to land on the sidewalk. I start walking towards this kid with bad intentions as he asks “who are you” and now what happens next is embarrassing on multiple levels.

I responded, “Your worst nightmare.” And rocked him square in the face.

Now, I’m really not sure why I chased this kid down and clocked him. Or why I thought I was Batman with that response. But next thing I know I was in a tight headlock from one of the local college football players. He nearly choked me unconscious, but my friends explained the kid hit a girl earlier and then proceeded to get tough with us for no reason. He understood and let go. He just didn’t want a bigger fight to break out and the party get busted so we were told to leave.

My buddies still laugh about that night to this day and while I occasionally laugh at the thought of it too. I would have preferred to do things differently had I known more information.

For starters, I’m a lover not a fighter. Not unless I need to be and this was not necessary. We found out later the girl was actually friends with the kid I punched and “he didn’t mean to push her.”

…Kind of a big detail to leave out the first-time toots.

Regardless, I made a decision that I thought was for the right reasons based on my emotions at the time. But emotions can cloud judgment and sometimes we don’t have all of the information.

There are multiple fights on this weekend’s slate that I think the field will be emotional about and we may be able to take advantage.

CJ Vergara vs Daniel Da Silva

CJ Vergara is projecting to be one of the most popular fighters on the slate and for good reason. His inside distance line is great and most people expect him to earn a finish in this fight despite agreeing that he is not a very talented fighter.

Reason being is that Daniel Da Silva has been finished inside of six minutes in all three of his UFC bouts. This was including one slate where he was one of the most popular underdogs of the week. He has shown flashes of upside briefly in his fights but his cardio typically falls off a cliff after a few minutes and he has repeatedly burned people that rostered him.

However, with Vergara likely being one of the most owned fighters on the slate, you will get additional leverage by playing Da Silva right off the rip. Add in the fact that people are emotional towards him for being burned and he will probably be one of the lowest owned underdogs this week despite still possessing some of the highest upside as his win condition is a finish in round one.

Maycee Barber vs Andrea Lee

This fight is interesting on both sides. On one hand, people are emotional towards Barber in that she has not shown a high ceiling in any of her recent fights. She has also burned a ton of people when she lost against Roxanne Modaferri a couple years ago. Now, she will be one of the lowest owned expensive options this week which gives me some contrarian interest across multiple lineups.

On the flip side, Andrea Lee has also burned people as recent as her last fight against Viviane Araujo where she was a popular bet and DraftKings play. She has also been burned by Texas judging in the past which is likely to be on people’s minds this week as we are back in Texas again.

I think if you ignore the history of both fighters, you can see that this fight has a path to a ceiling on both sides and that is likely not going to be reflected in their ownership for an 11-fight slate.

Manel Kape vs Alex Perez

Alex Perez has long been thought of as one of the most skilled Flyweights on the UFC roster. But the results have been a rollercoaster of late. He has repeatedly been finished inside the first round multiple times in his career and it is hard not to get emotional if you have backed him in the past.

That being said, he is now projecting for just moderate ownership despite this being a short slate and him having an affordable price tag. It is obvious to me that he has the skillset that is capable of implementing a gameplan that will give Kape trouble. The question is, will he execute? Only time will tell but I’m willing to have a short-term memory on Perez and not get emotional about him when building my teams this week.

This is a fun slate on DraftKings with many high-risk but high-upside fights to target. The key will be to not get emotional and make sure to see things from all angles when building your lineups this week. And by all means, go be Batman. I’ll see you in the streets.