Years ago, when I was stationed in Arizona, my coworkers forced me to “catch a dog.” Now, I was young and dumb and didn’t really understand what this meant. But they took me to the kennels and told me to pick out my dog. As soon as I walked into the back room all of the police dogs started flipping out jumping 4 ft in the air while barking their heads off at me. I finally started to realize what was going on and before I knew it, I was wearing a heavy padded Michelin man type suit.

We walk out to the yard where it is me in my goofy padded suit and the dog handler standing with the dog waiting. Meanwhile, 20-30 of my coworkers are lined up outside of the fence patiently waiting to see me get eaten alive by this dog. I walk up to the dog and I can feel my heart beating out of my chest as this thing clearly wants to take my head off.

They walk me through a couple “Practice bites” where I feed the fat part of my arm to the dog and let him latch on. Even through the padding you can feel the power of this beast. They then tell me we are going to begin and I was instructed to “Talk shit to the dog.” This was pretty awkward for a couple reasons. For starters, I generally love dogs and even though this one wanted to kill me, I still held no ill will towards her as she was just doing her job.

I awkwardly start calling this dog a bitch among other names and everyone is laughing hysterically telling me to yell at it louder. I started strutting back and forth in front of the dog with my arms in the air, yelling “You stupid bitch you. What you looking at you bitch ass dog.” I admit, I had no idea what to say so it was not my best material. Anyway, the instructor then tells me it’s time to go. I was told to turn and sprint as fast as I can in the opposite direction of the dog. Under no circumstances was I to turn around while running as that would mean the dog could likely lunge at my face instead of the fatty parts of my body like the buttocks or back of the arm.

I am sprinting like a mad man across this yard in my puffy suit with my adrenaline through the roof. Finally, WHAP. I fell to the ground and it felt like I got hit by a truck. The force that these dogs generate with their speed is truly incredible. The dog latches on to my body and starts ragging me around until the handler tells him to stop. The discipline on these dogs is truly impressive.

Despite my early worries, I realized that it was not all that scary as I learned to trust that the dog would obey the handler and not truly hurt me unless I did not follow instructions. I did it a few more times and still have the video somewhere on my iCloud. So something that I was afraid of doing ended up being a very cool experience and I never really should have been scared after all.

Which brings me to the DraftKings slate this weekend. Unlike last week where all but one favorite ended up winning, I expect there to be multiple underdogs come through this weekend. So we are going to need to catch a dog of our own. Don’t be afraid, it’ll be okay. I promise.

Victor Henry vs Tony Gravely

Many people expect Henry to win this fight and I picked him to win as well. However, despite Gravely’s ability to burn us in the past, he is an exceptional DraftKings scorer. He fights with a high paced wrestling nature and has scored over 100 points in all four of his UFC wins, including over 125 on two occasions. I have my issues with trusting Gravely to win but in the even that he does, he has a very strong case to be optimal this weekend and I do not expect him to be a top three most owned underdog for this card.

Sedriques Dumas vs Josh Fremd

This is a matchup that I have already been vocal about how I disagree with the market. I have many questions about Dumas if he does not find an early finish and think Fremd is being undervalued regardless. Dumas is likely to be semi-popular so you are naturally going to get some added leverage by targeting the Fremd side. And because he has yet to win or even look good in the UFC, I do not expect to see much ownership on him despite the favorable metrics and being the more proven fighter as well.

Bruno Silva vs Tyson Nam

I do not expect this fight to get a ton of ownership on either side so we should get paid off if we can identify a ceiling here. I have issues with Nam because he is very one-dimensional but he has repeatedly proven to have a huge ceiling when he wins. He is very powerful and fighting someone who is extremely hittable as well. Nam has scored 95+ in each of his UFC wins and if he can find the knockout blow this weekend then he has a great chance to repeat that type of performance at very low ownership.

I understand that targeting this fighters might make you uneasy, much like me putting on the padded suit and envisioning my tragic death. But while the field targets fighters like Merab Dvalishvili and Ryan Spann, we have a chance to get paid off in a big way if these lesser owned underdogs hit their win condition this weekend. Happy hunting. I’ll see you in the streets.