When I was 19 years old, me and my brother used to drive up to Riverfront Sports Complex in Scranton every Saturday to play basketball. We used to have some great games up there as a ton of regular guys went every week and it was a good run. But one of those Saturdays stick out vividly in my mind as a casual commute turned into a high speed chase involving a slushy, a big German Shepard and a Ford Contour.

Before heading up to play basketball, we stopped at the local tasty freeze to grab a slushy for the road. We were both enjoying our tasty treats and got through Clarks Summit about to enter the Scranton expressway when some yahoo merges into my lane with no blinker and ran me off the road. If I didn’t pull off to the side of the road I would have been hit. I get it though, sometimes accidents happen but it still freaked us out.

Now what happens next, I want to give a disclaimer that I would not suggest ever doing something like this and would never do this again.

I had to know what was the reason for this guy nearly killing us so I catch up to him side by side and look over and he starts laughing and sort of veers towards us again. He also had a large German Shephard sitting in the front seat. But now I’m pissed. This guy runs us off the road and thinks it’s funny. I tell my brother I don’t want to let this guy get away with this. Light bulb goes off in my head and I tuck my slushy between my legs and speed up to get side by side with this guy as we are on the Scranton Expressway. As we are nearing our exit, I pull the slushy from my legs and whip it as hard as I could out the window at the side of this psychopath’s GMC.

Now I was aiming to get it inside the back seat as his window was down but the wind must have affected it and it smacked right on the side of the door. Me and my brother are laughing as we take the exit right after but to our surprise this guy jumps over the rumble strips to take the exit with us and the chase is on!

To this day, my brother will attest that he has never seen someone drive so skillfully to avoid accidents in his entire life. We got off the highway and came to a red light which we flew through and so did our tail. I pulled in a parking lot entry just to circle the curb and exit the lot and get back on the highway. Surely this guy would give up – except he didn’t.

We’re back on the highway heading the opposite way now and I am flooring my dad’s Ford Contour going about 100 mph as my brother keeps turning around and saying “He’s gaining.” I was weaving in and out of these cars on the highway like I was Paul Walker (RIP) in Fast and Furious. Every maneuver I made this guy did the same and stayed consistently a few car lengths behind us.

The chase continued all the way back to Abington area and I knew I needed a new plan so I took a side street to try to lose him. We curled up a windy hill and then took another side street and I pulled into a random driveway and shut the car off and we both ducked. We lost him.

So we pulled back towards the highway to go play basketball still and saw the guy pumping gas at the corner. Fortunately, he didn’t see us and we got back to the gym safely and told our friends what had just happened.

Now aside from that being a very stupid decision on my end, I failed to weigh the risks and rewards of that driving fiasco. Obviously, had I known that this guy would have us on a high speed chase and potentially try to feed us to his dog, I likely would not have thrown my slushy.

Weighing the risks and rewards are crucial in daily fantasy and specifically for this weekend’s UFC 285 slate on DraftKings. There are multiple fights that are sticking out to me as risky but have a potentially big payoff if things go your way.

Shavkat Rakhmonov vs Geoff Neal

Shavkat Rakhmonov has run through his UFC competition so far and has looked great doing so. He is 16-0 with all of his wins coming inside the distance. However, this is likely the toughest test in his career against Neal who is a great striker and has historically had strong takedown defense. Similar to the Muniz vs Allen dynamic last week, Rakhmonov is great at one primary thing being his strong clinch game and grappling. But if Neal is able to neutralize some of that attack then Rakhmonov probably looks very beatable in the striking. I am willing to accept the risks that Neal could get dominated and submitted early but if that does not happen then he is going to look like big value and would break the slate in a potential victory.

Tabatha Ricci vs Jessica Penne

This one even hurts me to type. And I still feel Ricci wins this fight at a decent clip. But the combination of low ownership, realistic chance at winning and potential upside due to grappling has me willing to take shots on Penne. Obviously, it isn’t pretty as she is 40 years old and likely going to be taken down multiple times but let’s not forget that she was optimal in her fight against Karolina Kowalkiewicz and pulled off a big upset against Loopy Godinez as a huge underdog as well. The potential reward outweighs the risk in this scenario.

Loik Radzhabov vs Esteban Ribovics

This is a fight that I think will be underowned relative to my expectation of scoring as it is. And we have a situation where the short-notice debutant is a confident pick and sizable favorite. On a slate where we do not have many underdogs that we like, Ribovics is for sure in play as he is an aggressive finisher and will likely break the slate if he wins. The risks are obvious as most people expect him to be taken down multiple times and outgrappled but I’m willing to accept those risks and be overweight to Ribovics considering the leverage and potential payoff.

Weighing risk vs reward should be a constant thought process for every DraftKings slate and for many real-life scenarios as well. The next time you get road rage or have a wild idea to throw a slushy at someone, maybe stop and think about the risk of that decision and the potential upside as well. Best of luck this weekend and I’ll see you in the streets.